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Welcome to Energy Efficient Products
products Welcome to Energy Efficient Products, Inc (EEP). In the growing industry of LED lights and solar technology our goal is to offer our customers the highest quality products for the lowest prices available.

Both LED and solar technologies have come a long way with brightness, quality of light output, and practical application of solar technology. On average, LED lights are ten times more energy efficient than incandescent lights and twice as efficient as fluorescent lights. Our LED lights are available with standard bases, allowing you to retrofit your home or office with cutting edge energy efficient lighting. When you purchase one of our LED lights, you can be assured that you are receiving a quality product that will last for years to come.
What's New at EEP?
At EEP we strive to bring you the best in customer service and support. To help, we bring to you informational and instructive videos to make the transition to LED lighting easier.

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